We sell and service large granite moorings as well as helical, mushroom, and pyramid steel anchors.  We use only domestic chain, shackles and Yale pennants.  When you choose us, you deal directly with an owner.  "You call; we answer", our founder Bill Blood's philosophy guides us as we create the best mooring for your vessel.  Be sure that when a storm calls; your mooring will answer that call.  

  • Email: coastalbarge@yahoo.com

  • John Blood: 207-841-1587

  • Richard Keen: 207-837-7154

  • Home/office: 207-725-1274



Customer Service

The ocean is an extreme environment.  Boats are heavy.  Fantastic forces are generated when wind, wave and boat meet.  Your mooring system is your boats' life line.  A properly built mooring and preventive maintenance by experienced crew will keep your boat secure. 

Seasoned Crew

Coastal Barge and Mooring is now in its 36th year of operation.  Founded by Bill Blood, now owned and operated by John Blood and Richard Keen since 2003.  


 Our mission, to build secure moorings and satisfy our customers.  We continually invest in our equipment to ensure quality craftsmanship in our work.  Year to year our customers know they can count on us for their mooring service needs.