Purpose built catamaran workboat.  Delivers granite moorings. Installs helical anchors, steel mushrooms and pyramid moorings.



Catamaran Barge: Fast, efficient, and safe.  We can operate in shoal water and in tight anchorages with pin-point accuracy.  The fiberglass barge is fully fendered, for "mark free" rafting with customer boats.  

Our fleet of two aluminum workboats are fast and efficient.  We can deploy boat and diver and arrive to any of our service areas in less than 45 minutes.

Annual Mooring Service:

Includes removing the customers mooring ball in the Fall, checking pennant, swivel, shackles for wear, cleaning and then returning the ball in the Spring. We also record GPS Coordinates. In place of the mooring ball we attach a Winter spar. Attached to the spar is sufficient line to allow the mooring chain to be dropped to the bottom. Taking the mooring "off-line" for six months significantly reduces chain wear. Does not include Dive Inspection.

Is your mooring ready for the big blow?

Services Offered:

  • Annual Mooring Service

  • Dive Inspection and Repair

  • Helix Moorings

  • Granite Moorings

  • Mushroom Anchors

  • Pyramid Anchors

  • Mooring Field Design

Service Area:

  • Brunswick

  • Freeport

  • Harpswell

  • The Islands

Bona Fides

Fully Insured
30+ years in business
Licensed Captain
Exclusive mooring service provider for:

  • Brewers South Freeport Marine

  • Strouts Point Wharf Co.

  • Great Island Boat Yard

  • High Head Yacht Club

  • Orrs Bailey Yacht Club

  • Dipper Cove Assoc.

  • And hopefully, You too!

Mooring Inspection:

Your mooring should be inspected every three years, however, some towns require more frequent inspections. The town of Freeport, Maine, for example, requires a mooring inspection every two years. Always check with the local harbormaster regarding how often the mooring should be inspected and who the reliable service providers are in your area.

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